Måneskin – I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE (Official Video)

Listen to I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE here: https://Maneskin.lnk.to/IWBYS

PRODUCED BY : Martino Benvenuti / Think Cattleya
PRODUCER: Flaminia Maltese
DIRECTED BY: Simone Bozzelli
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Aurora Manni e Måneskin
DOP: Gianluca Oliva
FILM PRODUCTION SERVICE: @illmatic_film_group_company & @jacopo.pica
PRODUCTION Ass: Francesco Devitini
PRODUCTION Ass: Andrea Calisei
DIRECTOR Ass: Francesca Valentini
ART DEP: Lavinia Masserini
MAKE UP: Chantal Ciaffardini
MAKE UP Ass: Sofia Caspani
HAIR STYLIST: Marco Steri e Mattia Caldari
STYLIST: Nicolò Cerioni
STYLIST Ass: Michele Potenza
STYLIST Ass: Arianna Beachi
STYLIST Ass: Salvatore Pezzella
EDITOR: Christian Marsiglia
COLORIST: Lorenzo Ameri
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ilaria Ieie e Fabio Germinario
Thanks to: Gucci _Alessandro Michele

@Sony Music Italy


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  1. Too good to be true😭😭😭

  2. ele ficou muito feio com esse cabelo pqp

  3. This made me feel things

  4. Será que se gasta la canción de tanto escucharla 😅 ES LO MEJOR QUE HE ESCUCHADO EN MUCHO TIEMPO!!!!

  5. Я просто хочу видеть как они это снимали.Там наверно столько угара было 😅

  6. I love this song so much ♡♡♡♡♡❤❤❤

  7. Damiano is just so beautiful. jesus.

  8. yo. i saw someone walking down the street (i live in a city) with what im pretty sure was a shirt with 'maneskin' on it. i always read ppls tshirts and so i just thought it was some metal band or something. but then i just got this in my recommendations, which i think is a pretty cool coincidence

  9. if you not here from TikTok, you deserve a cold af pillow my friend 👍

  10. Wtf is this demonic shit

  11. с русскими тут все понятно. может тут и татары найдутся? пххпх
    привет из Татарстана 🤘

  12. Anyone else left breathless after watching this???

  13. Ждем вас с концертом в России

  14. Крутые монескин

  15. Trovo solo commenti russi/ucraini mentre voi siete italiani come me e in tutto ciò è così che và
    Gruppo: italiano
    Nome: Danese
    Canzone: inglese
    Commenti: russi/ucraini