THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer 4 (2021)

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THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer 4 (2021)
© 2021 – Warner Bros.

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  1. the suicide squad aren't really heroes
    NO SHIT !

  2. Me: doesn't care…doesn't care…doesn't care…"Did that guy say sexy goose with a toothpick?"

  3. My favorite character is daddy shark and hq

  4. Im sorry, why was harley a badass in the comics?
    She is a gymnast, not a figther. She should not have presented a threat whatsoever, even Tim should be able to 1v1 her.

  5. wassnt there allready a sucide squade movie

  6. How long has James Gunn had such white hair?

  7. I am the Scarlet Tomato. I can fly and defy gravity.

  8. It's like they asked "which heroes should we put into suicide squad", but somebody added "wrong answers only". I love the cringe villains.

  9. This is failing before it even comes out.

    DC has no clue what they are doing.

  10. Jesus people are getting pathetic these days

  11. This is a joke right? Right..?

  12. huge superhero fan no matter who's making the movie but after that last joker abomination movie dc is failing every time it seems to be as cool as they wanna be and once again not to impressed with this trailer either

  13. Ya, Not going to watch it after the Cena and the China Apology thing!

  14. 3:30 you see the triggers for the bombs and at 3:32 you see savants has been triggered.

  15. Never thought I’d been saying this but this movie has me more excited then anything marvel is putting out

  16. dc has never gotten it right with the movie translation, I have zero faith in this film

  17. this looks unbelievably sad.

  18. Soooo every lame character in the dc universe all put into 120 mins to continue dc’s series of disappointing movies. Got it

  19. I like how it’s basically all but said that the first group is gonna all die

  20. Was that Arm Fall Off Boy?

  21. Blackguard, Weasel, Javelin, TDK and Mongal are all gonna die. The Thinker is gonna betray them to combine his genius mind along with Starro's mind controlling abilities somehow. Savant is gonna pretend to be on his side only to sacrifice himself to stop him at the very end. Polka Dot Man, Bloodsport, Harley, Ratcatcher and Peacemaker will all survive along with King Shark just for the memes and comedic relief. Harley is gonna crush on javelin and when he dies she will keep using his javelin to remember him. Bloodsport and Peacemaker are gonna have a super cool stand off and fight scene when they disagree on how to engage the enemy and Rick Flag is gonna try stopping them only for King Shark to unknowingly do something stupid and make them stop fighting. These are my predictions on july 25th 2021 ! :)))

  22. Why did Malcolm Reynolds have to lose his arms???

  23. Hope this isnt as garbage as the first one. Seeing so many trailers try to distance themselves from the first one but not changing the formula doesnt give me much confidence.

  24. I hope it will be good mot like the movie before that title is forbiden

  25. since Michael Rooker played Savant, why not Anthony Mackie as Bloodsport???

  26. theyre trying so hard to convince people to watch this trash

  27. King shark will be carrying this movie

  28. If they kill king shark I will riot

  29. I see this and I can tell it got to be better then the first one. Definitely funnier

  30. "Characters, more is better …"
    … said no competent screenwriter ever

  31. Feels like I’m watching the trailer for mystery men 2😆

  32. wow they almost got me! i thought it was an actual film trailer lol. Good joke

  33. i hope it doesn't flop

  34. I love hearing Peter Capaldi say that hes been working all his life to play an Evil Genius. Because… well, It's Peter Capaldi as an Evil Genius. It's perfect casting.

    Also Viola Davis, you're not playing a Badass, you are a Badass, and so is Amanda Waller so perfect casting there as well.

  35. Man Gunn has went grey…. studios must be fighting him

  36. Holy shit they should really start hyping this movie more

  37. Maybe the first good DC film (after snyder cut obviously)

  38. It would be cool if they make a soft intro of the characters like GoTG Vol. 1

  39. I feel like king shark is gonna be the new groot lmao