SEX EDUCATION Season 3 Trailer (2021)

SEX EDUCATION Season 3 Trailer Teaser (2021) Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey
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  1. Just wanna see Adam and Eric 😊🙄

  2. Those greenscreen's looking painfully bad.

  3. so are we just gonna ignore Viv's weight loss

  4. I just finished binge watching it…. fucking Issac! What a bastard

  5. Shipping Otis with Ruby

  6. Holy shit, Vivian lost A TON of weight, man! Good for her!

  7. The scientific swimming classically spark because bronze aesthetically nest towards a ripe digger. black, obedient thing

  8. why is everything in this trailer done with green screen except for the shot of Mr. Groff? Cannot wait for it though :))

  9. yoooo viv lost weight

  10. Why Maeve got a mullet , she seems from Alabama 😭 she was beautiful before that

  11. Nobody gunna talk bout the fact that u can clearly see the green screen behind them lmao

  12. I’d like to see some more (South)east-Asian characters in this season.

  13. I miss my queen in her fringe jacket✨✨✨

  14. When Amy said “moordale baby come on” I can literally see the green screen

  15. Please Work on editing. looks like still i can see some green screen patches.

  16. Please, the way Emma is standing in her bit 💀🤚

  17. Classic Adam walks in front of them not giving a sh## 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Reopening our doors to once again become a pillar of SEXcellence 😂

  19. Best comedy movie
    1 👍 2 👍👍 3 👍👍👍 🍿😀 Eric Where are U OtiS 🧐ERiC