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From writer-director Valdimar Jóhannsson and starring Noomi Rapace. LAMB – In Theaters October 8. #LambMovie

RELEASE DATE: October 8, 2021
DIRECTOR: Valdimar Jóhannsson
CAST: Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snaer Gudnason

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Coming Soon: The Tragedy of Macbeth, Red Rocket & more

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  1. This is gonna be hilarious

  2. Someone did the lamb?

  3. Intrigued for sure

  4. A24
    That's all I needed to click this trailer.

  5. She cant have a baby so her hubby knocks up Little bo peeps Sheep, now their a Beasty family.

  6. Like my brain right now isn't fried enough

  7. I can’t tell what genre this movie is.
    And that’s how you know it’s an A24 movie, because only A24 gives movies like this a chance!

  8. What the heck dude. I don't know what I just saw, but I'm watching this drunk.

  9. I'd rather the UK market got some respect and Green Knight got released in 2021 than get another film to get excited about only to be let down.

  10. Can't way to see another A24 masterpiece

  11. You act like we lit the …santa..muerte..
    Candles while the five cats eat ?????

  12. Awe naw, we fucking goats now?!?!

  13. Rejection of lamb of god

  14. Real Story: the lamb was home of phobia Icon Mama B b4 the fame

  15. Be it horror or whatever, it looks so cute, lambs are cute! 😍😍😍

  16. Can't believe we're getting a sequel to Pig so soon

  17. Can't wait 2 watch the whole @24 catalogue on my iphone 4🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. I like it, sorta has a disturbing vibe similar to "The Ritual" or "Hereditary".

  19. O_O… mmm okay. show me the goat.

  20. I swear to god if the fucking baby lamb dies so help me—

  21. ça a l'air trop dla putain de balle avec Dr Shaw en plusssssssssssssssssssssss

  22. i thought the lamb was gonna give birth to a child lmao

  23. Isn't this how fur parents treat their babies?

  24. First we had Pig, now we have Lamb, are they going to make movies about every single farm animal?

  25. The highly amusing ups and downs, valleys and peaks, of the horror cinematography we've come to expect and the then joyful quirky Scandinavian "myshumor" and then back to the absurd again, thank you, I was alternating between being creeped out and joyfully smiling, well played.

  26. So that was sufficiently disturbing.

  27. Oh god. I’ve seen something similar in the show 30 Coins. It does not end well.

  28. God has seen all of your failures and flaws and he's not mad at you, nor has his plans over your life have changed. He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger rich in love.

  29. Noomi is not American so she gets no respect but she’s better than Scarlett Johansson or annoying Meryl Streep. From the Drop to Prometheus to What Happened To Monday, Bright she is a force my top 10 fav female actor ever.

  30. Every time I watch an A24 trailer y get a stomachache for how overwhelming and disturbing they are. But I still always watch the damn movie anyway 😫

  31. this gives me the 'the witch' feeling. I hope this is good!

  32. “God Only Knows” is from the Beach Boys album Pet Sounds