Lucifer Season 6 Teaser Trailer (HD) Final Season

The final season of Lucifer premieres September 9th on Netflix.

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» Watch Lucifer Season 6 September 9th 2021 on Netflix
» Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German


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  1. Great song choice as you can expect from lucifer!
    Just finished season 5 after watching from 1 to 8 am. Had tears in my eyes

  2. Is it just me who got Robbie Margot vibe when the Linda's daughter appeared?

  3. I love this show can’t wait for season 6 in September on 10th

  4. I literally just finished the show last week I’m so excited

  5. Brooklyn nine nine has finale season and now this nuuu

  6. never thought i was going to say i love BLOODY LUCIFER MORNING STAR

  7. It would be nice if they ended the same way they started it

  8. Literally 2 days before my birthday like damn

  9. In no way did this depict anything about season 6. It didn’t even make it out of season 2 I believe. Thank you for wasting one minute of my life

  10. That ella and dan kiss scene was the most awkward thing I've ever seen.

  11. The white shirt that lucifer is wearing in the last clip is actually the same one that he was wearing on season 3 episode 11 where there is a flashback of his first day in L.A.

  12. Does anyone know the song featured in this trailer?

  13. the white suit can also mean he got married??

  14. I’m not ready for this masterpiece show to end 😭

  15. Omg yesssss I love that we get a final ending for luci!

  16. Wow! The brilliant cast in this makes it the best series I've ever seen on Netflix! Very entertaining! Well done! Bravo ! 👏👏👏👏

  17. Can someone tell me what song this is please?

  18. Hmm, now here's me realizing that Linda can actually say she slept with… God? the new God? not yet sure of his title.
    and yes, technically so has like 20% of LAs population, but Linda is the only one that knows knows