The Real Reason These Sci-Fi Movies Never Got Sequels

To state the obvious, movies are expensive to make. So Hollywood rarely takes chances on projects that aren’t essentially a sure thing. That explains why sequels to already-successful movies are so common, particularly when it comes to the sci-fi genre. A lot of the marketing heavy lifting has already been done by the previous movies, and fans can rely on seeing their favorite characters return.

But not all sequels are a guaranteed success, and some just plain aren’t happening. Maybe the last franchise entry turned out to be a flop, rights issues gummed up production, cast members moved on, or a script just never came together. Here are the real reasons these sci-fi movies never got sequels.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial | 0:00
Battlefield Earth | 1:23
Independence Day: Resurgence | 2:30
Chronicle | 3:48
John Carter | 5:00
Star Trek: Nemesis | 6:10
Hellboy | 7:20
Terminator: Dark Fate | 8:27
Spaceballs | 9:31

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