WHAT IF… ? “Thor & Doctor Strange” Trailer (2021)

WHAT IF… ? “Thor & Doctor Strange” Trailer (2021) Zombie Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Marvel Animated Series
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  1. Thor and doctor Jones is better

  2. Love how there's a whole lego line for each episode and mini figures

  3. First ep. was pretty meh to me…

  4. "Thor and Doctor Jones

    Thor and Doctor Jones

    One plays with lightning

    the other plays with bones"

  5. This is not Thor and doctor strange trailer. Give a dislike to this video.

  6. Looks like fathor is back!

  7. The first episode does not hold water to the two original stories lost to universe: 1) An intelligent and fit women, Peggy Carter, who uses her naturally built up skills to heroically saves others despite the dismissal and sexualization of her so called colleagues. 2) A weak and humble man, Steve Rogers, with dreams and striving to become a hero who eventually winds up with the means to fight for lives and rights others.

  8. One plays with lightning,
    the other plays with boooones!

    Oh, wrong Doctor, nevermind…

  9. Alright, I’m blocking this channel. Your fake trailers for money are pathetic.

  10. Alternative timeline caused by loki perhaps?

  11. The animation is awful I burst out laughing the first time I seen it for real on episode 1🤣🤣

  12. Why does Spiderman look more like Andrew Garfield?

  13. I thought that was one punch man in 0:46

  14. What if spiderman joined fantastic four?

    A cool way to shock fans for introducing f4

  15. Only on Disney+ and telegram 😂

  16. I thought it was captain marvel

  17. Thor and doctor Jones.. Thor and doctor Jones

  18. What if Marvel Vs Disney destroy behind evil within it? maybe our heroes multiverse have yet explain..maybe one above all

  19. WHAT IF: Thor and Dr Jones

  20. Gamora has that Thanos sword

  21. Rest in Peace Chad.
    His last role in movies:(

  22. Who is that at 0:46?
    Is it Galactus???

  23. I'm hyped for the Loki, Dr Strange, and Scarlet Witch part.

  24. This show could literally last forever

  25. Who votes every episode should have different writer's

  26. Evil Doctor Strange is maybe Black Priest From Comics

  27. captain carter will be seen again with her own avengers episode 0:43 watch in slow mo