SHANG-CHI “Shang-Chi Ready for Battle” Trailer (2021)

SHANG-CHI “Shang-Chi Ready for Battle” Trailer (2021)
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  1. Scott adkins should have been in this movie

  2. This seems like a retelling of The Iron Fist

  3. Liu: you have to find your Arcana…

    Shang Chi: Wait…what?

  4. Oh my gosh, Tony Leung is still soooo hot!!! 😍😍😍

  5. I would love to see the side characters get some recognition instead of just using them as comedic purposes.

  6. "On September 3rd, you're meant for greatness."
    "On September 3rd, my father trained me to be an assassin."

  7. Guilty gear strive = HAVIER RAVEZ strive indeed 😛 HAHAHA
    MARLIN PIE KYOHEI LEDR & CEROBLAST = my 2 sexy ass asian wives 😛 HAHAHA

  8. I bet it was easy to vet this for CCP approval….. LOL

  9. Is flag is like Mandarin flag in Ironman 3?

  10. there will be Haiduken in this movie

  11. So This was Jung’s life after Kim’s convince store

  12. China Wuhan Rings 🙄

  13. Finally he actually answers with his name

  14. Honestly tho hoping Marvel will get a hint and try to spent less millions of budget on making their movies so they don’t lose a lot when their movies begin failing in china

  15. After defeating his last enemy, Shang-Chi sits down and finishes his math homework.

  16. We just going to forget these mfers gave us COVID ?

  17. I’m pretty sure venom comes out that day too!! … I think I’m gonna be spending at least four hours in the movies that day just to watch this movie and venom 😂

  18. I just don't believe him

  19. I hope he let Appa know he won't be able to look after the convenience store lol.
    If you don't get it you're not Canadian

  20. Looking forward to it, but it js going to bomb.

  21. I already miss Trevor….

  22. (Disney) we do we have next after the black widow catastrophe? … "Oh shit…"

  23. Can't wait!? 😶🔥

  24. Very gooood 👏🏻👏🏻