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Hello! If you are a planner nerd, I’m pretty sure you have heard of or own a set of planner stamps yourself. Here are doodles of icons that you can use in your planner or journal, etc.

I’m sorry for the times my hand got in the way! It’s hard to concentrate on drawing while filming. I still hope you guys enjoyed watching.This is my longest video yet! I wanted to divide it into 2 parts but I’m sure that there are still more icons I can draw next time.

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Hi! My name is Sarah and I like to draw. I’m not a professional doodler (is that a word? lol) nor am I really good at drawing, but I do love to doodle bits and pieces of life and stuff on my planner and my art journal. I hope you guys enjoy it~

These are just some ideas and inspirations that you can do on your planner, Filofax, Hobonichi, Midori, art journal, penpal letter, etc. It’s so easy (it doesn’t need to be perfect) that you can just grab a pen and paper and doodle along with me! ^^v

Thanks for watching!!!

Camera: Pentax Optio H90 and iPhone 5S.
Music: Youtube Audio Library

instagram: @sarazorel
twitter: @sarazorel

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