Best RPG Games with Unique Classes

Best RPG Games with Unique Classes

While several genres within gaming offer sandbox adventures, chaotic multiplayer fun and unparalleled levels of detail in the mechanics they offer. The RPG gaming genre is unmatched when it comes to the finer details of character development. Right from the word go, a player will often be faced with a series of decisions that will dictate their base stats for their entire playthrough. Meaning that the pressure of decision making is ever-present and relentless. However, RPG fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

One way that these games offer a meticulously detailed character building and role-playing experience is through a well-designed class system. Character classes allow players to understand what each type of playstyle has to offer, what will suit them best and also allows them to engage with the avatar they are creating. This is a format that is tried, tested and continues to be a staple of the RPG genre.

So, with that in mind, we want to take a look at some of the best class systems within the RPG genre. Explaining why they are special and perhaps even tempting you into starting a long and immersive adventure. Here is our rundown of the best RPG classes in gaming.

#1 – Final Fantasy Tactics

We were torn about which game in the Final Fantasy series to choose here as both FFT and Final Fantasy XIV have excellent class systems. However, in the end, we settled for the former. FFT has a wide variety of character options for players to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players will have the choice of either a squire, archer, monk, bard, Samurai, mystic, black mages, white mages, ninja, lancer, mediator, summoner, dancer, calculator, mine, black knight, chemist, thief, time mage, geomancer or onion knight character class. What we are getting at here, is there are tons of customization options.

For example, if you want to focus on magic attacks and being a sorcery-based build, it’s not a one option fits all approach. Players have a variety of classes each with their own small tweaks to suit specific play styles. Different classes have unique abilities such as the squires ‘accumulate’ ability that makes this terrible primary class option into an essential secondary option, offering completely insane versatility. So tactically, there are hundreds of approaches a player can go within battle and means that new classes offer new experiences, making this game wonderfully repayable.

Depending on the RPG class you go for, you’ll have the ability to perform ranged attacks, act as a healer, build a character that is a strong defensive asset or counterattacking threat. Or use powerful area of effect skills to act as a means of crowd control. Then if you want to specialize further, there are eleven other forms of class which allow for this. This game offers one of the most comprehensive RPG systems ever and despite the game’s age, it still holds up today. So, if you haven’t played FFT before, we urge you to do so.

#2 -Baldur’s Gate

Next up, we have a wonderful RPG series that bases its systems on classic D&D. The Baldur’s Gate series offers a rich game world, a variety of ways to fight, a cavalcade of intriguing stories and a tone of picturesque areas to explore. However, one of the most commendable aspects of these games is the simple and accessible, yet deceptively deep RPG system. This system offers four overarching playstyles making your initial choice very easy. However, the choice gets a little trickier when you have to choose from a further fourteen different sub-classes.

These classes named Warrior, Cleric, Mage and Rogue are essentially split into physical combat abilities, magical abilities, healing spells and abilities or mixed/stealth abilities. This allows players to pick their favored fighting styles, mix and match as needed to an extent while still being specialized in one area of combat.

The most fantastic aspect of this class system is how balanced each class is. While many RPGs have classes without merit, each class here is worth trying out. So, if you enjoy the freedom to make choices that matter which offers versatility and emergent gameplay in abundance, Baldur’s Gate is a game you need to try.

#3 – Disco Elysium

Now, this might be a little bit of an avant-garde choice, especially with so many combat-based RPG’s dominating the genre. However, we would feel amiss if we left out this detective epic with an incredible world which redefined what an RPG could be. This game doesn’t have a straightforward class system per-se. It instead gives the player the ability to create a detective based on traits, characteristics, core beliefs and ideologies. Now, in most circumstances, this would come across as pretentious and if done incorrectly, as an incoherent mess. However, in the case of Disco Elysium, all these character-building mechanics culminate to give players an immersive experience like no other.

In this title, the player earns experience through engaging in dialogue, completing quests and solving aspects of a case that will snowball into something exponentially bigger than you could have initially imagined. This game is story-driven but unlike titles of this nature, thanks to the character-building system, you’ll never see all this game has to offer in one playthrough. You may not get to cast spells, swing magic buster swords or grind your avatar to a level 100 paladin but that’s fine in this case. The biggest battle you’ll engage in here is one of Witts and it’s gripping from start to end.

To get the most out of this title, you’ll need to build smart characters, physically intimidating characters, sensitive characters or characters that are absolute chaos merchants. Every single skill point you spent is crucial and game-changing, which is a testament to the design of Disco Elysium. Plus, this game also uses armor classes that affect your skills, can grant you access or bonus damage to NPC’s and the ability to engage with other characters within the world. Most characters will act as the jack of all trades but in this instance, the game is grounded and all the better for it. It’s this nuanced system that acts as the backbone for this amazing game and if you haven’t had the chance to play it for yourself, only playing this title first-hand will do it justice.

#4 – Dark Souls

Now we have the masochistic and relentlessly harsh mainstream RPG of the moment. This series is best known for its incredibly strong enemies, bosses with the ability to unleash attacks of unthinkable power and a world that acts as a vehicle to deliver an environmentally driven narrative. However, the class system, character level system and skills related to the way you build your character is an equally excellent aspect of this series that deserves praise.

Within this RPG, the player is invited to select from a handful of classes. Each has a distinct aesthetic and vary in terms of stats. Plus, the player will get a specific item related to this class. However, this is all pretty trivial when compared to the flexibility the levelling system offers. If you want to be a defensive and cautious player with plenty of hit points to work with, you can up your vitality and resistance stats. If you want to wear heavy armor and carry around huge weapons, you can up your strength stat. Or perhaps want to utilize a quite frankly underrated skill and become a magic-user who casts spells. Well, then you boost your faith stat.

Plus, the player can spend their souls wisely to control against the environmental and status effects such as bleed, curse or poison damage, which is essential, especially in the harsh environments you encounter within the soul’s series.

This accessible yet deep character class system allows players to focus on the use of different weapons with each playthrough, offers new challenges through other classes like the deprived class and also allows players to hone different skills such as the parry and riposte attacks, the ability to perform a sneak attack from behind or ranged attacks for example. Overall, on the surface, this system seems rather simplistic. However, under the microscope, this system offers a great deal of flexibility and customization options. So, if you are willing to suffer the pain that this series can bring, the character-building system won’t disappoint.

#5 – Monster Hunter: Rise

Now we have an action RPG that takes the conventional class system and turns it on its head, representing the available playstyles not the vast majority of RPG classes with generic terms like mage or warrior. Instead representing these playstyles as the different weapons that you can use. Each of these weapon loadouts offers a diverse and varied playstyle with various abilities to utilize. You’ll have fourteen different weapon classes to choose from and each gives the player an edge against certain enemies, whilst making others more of a challenge. Meaning you’ll need to have complementary party members on hand to lend their attack power.

Within this game, you’ll have access to weapons like the Insect Glaive. A weapon that offers unique skills such as the ability to hook and stick to walls, allowing you to get into promising positions and attack enemies with no chance of a retort. Plus, you can maintain and replenish stamina and this weapon also really caters to speed-oriented players with great twitch reactions. However, in contrast, you have the Long Sword class which allows players to rack up mighty combos, deal extremely powerful, heavy strikes and has extremely long reach which allows you to attack and counterattack without the need for perfect positioning.

Also, the game has a focus on the physical aspects of battle, meaning that primarily non-magical weapons get a chance to shine ahead of enchanted magical weapons that dominate proceedings in titles like the Elder Scrolls series for example.

This only scratches the surface as each weapon type has a nuanced approach to providing the player with a variety of tactical approaches to fights. Within this fantasy setting, you will encounter a wide range of truly fierce enemy types. So, the choice of main weapon you specialize in will shape your overall experience, as will every party member you associate with. The special abilities you have access to could be the difference between a victory or death at the hands of an enemy. If this unique approach to the character class system sounds appealing to you, be sure to try this new instalment in a wonderful action RPG series.

A Cavalcade of Unique RPG Classes

So that was a rundown of the best action RPGs which have excellent RPG classes. But I must say some of these titles are very challenging and extremely time consumption so what should you do to whine down when it gets a bit too much? Well, I say find yourself a low deposit casino for yourself to enjoy and calm down the Nevers after playing games like Dark souls or final fantasy tactics. With all that said and done, what do you make of our article? Do you agree that the titles mentioned here are staples of brilliant RPG game design? What other RPG class systems do you believe deserve mentioned? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.







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