8 Little-known Netflix Hacks that will Help You Get the Most out of Your Subscription

8 Little-known Netflix Hacks that will Help You Get the Most out of Your Subscription

 With rich content, amazing shows, and addictive documentaries, Netflix has become part and parcel of our lives. Whether we want a leisure weekend at home or have decided to go for an at-home simple date night, Netflix has become our savior. Binge-watching the series has become so common these days. Yes, we know the reasons behind these dark circles and eye bags. Trust us, and it is common!

From taking a break between work or just waiting to watch our favorite series with our favorite person, Netflix has helped form and strengthen relationships.

Needless to say that more and more people have become dependent on Netflix, and the subscription level has seen a surge ever since the pandemic began. With fewer things to do at home and government restrictions on going out, people relied on Netflix for their daily dose of entertainment. It is the best way to escape reality for some time and emerge in a different world altogether. We are pretty sure that you have a Netflix subscription since you are reading this blog. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t come cheap.

If you own a MacBook, then also you can watch Netflix on it legally. For the perfect cinematic experience on your Mac, pay for your subscription and watch Netflix via the app. However, do not click on any random adverts on the internet, as most are scams! To watch downloaded content on Mac, you can stream via Airplay. To know other methods, check https://setapp.com/.

Here, we will give you some solid tips that will help you make the most of your subscription. These hacks will help you binge-watch like never before!

  1. Kick people off by going to account settings: One of the first tips that we wanted to share with you is cutting off people! If you share your account with someone and refuse to make the payment, you can cut them off by going to “settings” under “your account.” After that, click on “sign out of all devices.”


  1. Choose the right browser: To ensure that you watch your favorite shows or series on the right browser so that the experience is amazing. While streaming HD movies, ditch Chrome and Firefox for Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. The former two have maximum resolutions of 720p.


  1. Netflix on TV!: Enjoy watching Netflix on your television while you snuggle with the bay on the couch. We are pretty sure that you know this tip, but if you don’t, then streaming Netflix on your big-screen TV will surely help you get rid of those work from home blues. All you need is a streaming media player.

Plugin your chosen decision into the HDMI port on your television, connect to the net and sign in! Your after-work hours won’t be the same if you do this! The couch rocks! Plan the perfect date night by ordering pizzas, turning on Netflix on your TV, and cozying up on the sofa.


  1. Download shows/movies to watch offline: Before you board the flight or hit the road, connect to your Wi-Fi and download a few shows so that you are entertained for the next few hours. Journeys could be very boring, especially if you are traveling alone or traveling for work. You should make the most of your subscription so that you can watch your favorite shows without any disruption.


  1. Use Netflix ID Bible: You can now come across hidden genres with the help of the Netflix ID bible. If you want your search to be super specific, then use the genre code so that you get flooded with options. You need to know the codes so that Netflix knows exactly what you are looking for. Now add that code to the end of the link and load it in the browser address bar.


  1. Customize subtitles: If you avoid foreign films just because the subtitles are too small, then let us tell you that Netflix allows you to adjust fonts, backgrounds, and even sizes of the subtitles. Just go to “Subtitle appearance” under your account settings and change as per your convenience.


  1. Watch Netflix with long-distance friends: You can now socialize and connect via your Netflix account as well. Apart from video calls, you can watch the same show/movie with your long-distance best friend with the help of Rabbit, a free platform. It lets you share the screen with one or more friends. So if you have been postponing watching a specific horror movie as you are too scared or if you two have promised each other to watch the next season of Money Heist together, you can now do it from a distance. You can even message and talk while the show is on! How cool is that! Such a blessing during these uncertain times.


  1. Get better movie recs: You can get better movies or show recommendations if you are everything that you watch. Another way to get better recs is by using the fix plus Chrome extension. LifeHacker developed it to enable users to enjoy personalized experiences. It will show you movie ratings from IMDb, allow you to remove spoilers, filter recommendations, etc. It provides various benefits! The possibilities with the Netflix account are endless. For instance, you can make extra room on your home screen.


You can add cute notes to your favorite titles and even host a Netflix party for all your friends. You can even set parental control.

Also, try to shuffle instead of searching to come across shows that match your taste. And to know about a few movies to watch before they leave Netflix, read this Forbes blog now.

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