Famous Footballers that loves to play video games

Famous Footballers that loves to play video games

To play football, an extreme level of dedication, perseverance and determination is needed. The players, however, are not machines considering the level of dedication they implement into football. So it is expected for these players to switch their intense training with catching some fun every once in a while.

This is why we often find many footballers playing video games. In this article, we will be exploring the few players in Europe that love to play video games in their spare time, and who are good at it.

Antoine Greizmann

While many football stars see video games as another form of entertainment, World Cup winner Antoine Griezmann uses them to improve his focus, a tactic he learned from Andrea Pirlo, a legendary player in the world of football and the over 1.5 goals prediction that saw him bless many punters when he helped his country secure the World Cup.

Right before Italy’s victory against Germany at the 2006 World Cup final, it was reported that Pirlo spent the afternoon playing the popular football sport game FIFA. Using this as another form of inspiration, Griezmann decided to follow in his footsteps playing the same game while developing interests in other video games like the popular Fortnite.

Hector Bellerin

Arsenal’s right-back is currently on loan at Spanish team Real Betis for the 2021/22 season, Hector Bellerin is a popular figure amongst footballers and when he is not improving his skills on the pitch, he takes battles for freedom in the Call of Duty game. His love for the game led to him having his clan tag from the FPS game tattooed on his body, which was said to have been made abroad with his Arsenal youth teammates at the time.

The clan tag tattoo on his body means “brother” in Spanish, and he ended up getting a tattoo of the word in the Greek alphabet to remind him of Emi Martinez, Ignasi Miquel and Jon Toral, who all played the game with him.

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr is one of the most popular footballers in the world right now. Currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain alongside his former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi, he loves playing video games when he is not on pitch dribbling or scoring goals. The Brazilian star is believed to be a huge fan of Pro Evolution Soccer, but that’s not the only video game he loves playing. He also plays Call of Duty, The King of Fighters, Grand Theft Auto, and other basketball games.

Marcus Rashford 

Everybody knows the feeling of suffering a defeat, especially in a football game. To deal with this sort of emotion, some players choose to take part in some form of exercise or get their hands on something to help them escape from that. Some also play video games.

Marcus Rashford belongs to the category that will play video games to escape from emotion. Rashford chose to play FIFA 19 alongside his teammate Jesse Lingard after Manchester United suffered a defeat against Derby County, which led to them missing out on the Carabao Cup. Playing video games helps people reduce their stress levels.

Playing video games can help reduce stress levels as well as help you sharpen your focus in the long run. So if you’re a lover of football, you should follow in the footsteps of your popular footballing figures to play these games.


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