Mandalorian weathered DIY Cosplay Bag

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Mandalorian Cosplay Bag DIY
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0:00 The Introduction
1:52 Tea Bag theft…
2:24 Tea Bag weathering
2:55 Acrylic weathering
6:00 Sketching greeblies
7:14 Weathering greeblies
8:55 Attaching greeblies
9:57 Silver foil EVA leather
10:55 Bluetooth speakers
11:44 Sleeping bag holder
13:14 Mobile charging
14:12 Hard Drive greeblies
14:37 Final reveal!
16:27 The wife’s bit!

I made the desert Jedha background in 3DMax and UE4 for fun personal Star Wars VR project, you can download the virtual set here:

Ever since I watched the Mandalorian TV series I have been ‘itching’ to try my hand at a cosplay build, in particular a gritty weathered cosplay bag! So this idea evolved a little so we have a mash-up Star Wars bag with interchangeable Rebel and Mandalorian insignias..

This project for me was more about learning how to work with materials and how to weather them realistically, we also look at making realistic looking leather using EVA foam and silver foil!

Check out how to create convincing metal greebles out of foam and check out our Hard Drive bust-up as we harvest some beautiful shiny greeblies!

Check out the amazing HD foam I use for most of my builds supplied by our wonderful supplier and sponsor Tygessupplies.

Episode 7 in a series of regular episodes from The Rebel Base Build!

I used Flexi Paint, Contact Cement, Acrylics, and HD foam from the amazing Tyges Supplies.

link to backpack:

Thank you guys who are sponsoring!

Desktop Laser Cutter:

We’re building a room-scale Star Wars Rebel Base! We will be building and merging different set pieces with themes from all over the Star Wars universe including a Millenium Falcon style seating area, Lightsaber workbench, home cinema droid projector, and a whole load of Star Wars prop builds for your greebly pleasure…

Build videos, tutorials, greeblies, and more! Follow to see it take shape!
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