BOICHI's Real-time manga drawing show #15: Luna rencontre Senku /Dr. STONE Z=154

Another new character, Luna for Boichi’s real-time drawing show!
Is Senku dreamy or cheesy for her? XD

Senku Part
00:00 Start and Senku’s pointy hair
02:08 Ear
02:35 Hair
06:53 Face
09:09 Costume
13:04 Left arm
14:55 Left hand
16:55 Senku’s pockets(Oh, man… My camera lost focus again…)
18:38 Belt
21:10 Tool handles
23:35 Back to the costume(Check out the costume winkle)
25:38 E=mc2
28:46 Right hand and arm

Luna part
38:18 Start(Front hair)
39:18 Luna’s face
43:10 Hair(Hairline and volume)
47:30 Muffler
48:58 Arm and shoulder
50:36 One-piece Dress back part
52:44 Dress winkle
53:54 Stain spots

Thanks for watching!

You can read and enjoy Dr. STONE free Online; please visit Viz Media and read Dr. STONE Z=154: Spy Vs. Spy

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