Horror Short Film The Follower – via ALTER Watch Now

Horror Short Film The Follower – via ALTER Watch Now

Horror Short Film The Follower – via ALTER Watch Now

Horror Short Film The Follower
Horror Short Film The Follower


Horror Short Film The Follower – via ALTER Watch Now

Fueled by the hope of escaping her dreary suburban life, a misunderstood teen entertains the increasingly sinister advances of an Internet friend in a riff on the 1966 Joyce Carol Oates story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

The Follower by Stevie Szerlip

More About “The Follower” :
When 16-year-old Sophie posts a photo on Instagram that her mother considers risqué, she is punished, forced to stay at home without a phone while her family attends an event. she is more than content to drink wine and work on her tan, until one of her Instagram followers, a mysterious stranger named Jimmy Flowers shows up in a decommissioned cop car with a strange, damaged friend and engages her in an intriguing gambit. As the encounter grows unnerving and dark, Sophie begins to backpedal, but she’s in a vulnerable spot and brimming with mixed feelings. Faced with imminent danger, Sophie must quickly come to terms with her crafted persona versus the actuality of her youth.

Connect with the Filmmakers:

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“The Follower” Credits
Writer & Director
Stevie Szerlip

Sarah Winshall

Executive Producer
Chloe Gordon

Brook Linder

Music by
James Ferraro

Director of Photography:
Sean Price Williams

Production Design
Natalie Fält

Costume Design
Stacey Nishimoto

Hair & Makeup
Doniella Davy

Sound Design
Josh Ascalon

Jamie O’Bradovich

Title Design
Caspar Newbolt

Logan Polish
Jack Kilmer

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