Eddy Gordo Moves List In Real Life (Tekken 7 ) ( Capoeira Training ) (Cosplay)

You may have seen my Tekken Classic Eddy Gordo Moves List In Real Life. This one is an updated for Tekken 7 with even more detail and care for the capoeira training moves, cosplay costume and overall feel.

By the way I had a really hard time finding a pair of nice jeans that worked well with this movement.
I Ended Up using “The Perfect Jean” which has a 4 way stretch and they worked “AMAZINGLY” I contacted the company about my videos and they sent me a promo code for everyone for 25% off “CABAN25” www.theperfectjean.nyc

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Make sure to check out and enjoy the game

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I make fandom entertainment based reenactment videos. I find all the cool tricks and stunts that I can replicate within Movies, Gaming and Anime and I reproduce them in real life. I have a background in Acrobatics, Dance, Parkour and Fitness and bring that all to the table. You’ll see sci fi movies, marvel and dc fandom, and cosplay as well.


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