Fresh Prince of BEL AIR Trailer (2022) Reboot Series By Will Smith

Fresh Prince of BEL AIR Trailer (2022) Reboot Series By Will Smith

Fresh Prince of BEL AIR Trailer (2022) Reboot Series By Will Smith

Fresh Prince of BEL AIR Trailer (2022) Reboot Series By Will Smith
Bel Air

BEL-AIR Trailer (2022) New Fresh Prince Reboot Series, Produced by Will Smith
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The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is an American sitcom television series created by Andy and Susan Borowitz that is based on the life of Will Smith. It originally aired on NBC from September 10, 1990, to May 20, 1996. The series stars Will Smith as Will, a street-smart teenager born and raised in West Philadelphia who is sent to move in with his wealthy uncle and aunt in their Bel-Air mansion after getting bullied at the local playground in his neighborhood. However, his lifestyle often clashes with that of his upper-class relatives.

Known as Smith’s star vehicle into television and later his film career, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a top hit for NBC, running for 148 episodes over six seasons. A reunion special/retrospective reuniting the original cast debuted on HBO Max in November 2020. A more dramatic reboot based on the fan film Bel-Air is in active development, with a two-season order for Peacock.

The theme song and opening sequence set the premise of the show. Will Smith is a street-smart teenager, West Philadelphia-“born and raised”. While playing street basketball, Will misses a shot and the ball hits a group of gang members, causing a confrontation that frightens his mother, who sends him to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the opulent neighborhood of Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Will’s working class background ends up clashing in various humorous ways with the upper class world of the Banks family ‚Äď Will’s uncle Phil and aunt Vivian and their children, Will’s cousins: spoiled Hilary, pompous Carlton, impressionable Ashley and baby Nicky, (introduced at Season 3, Episode 20). source¬†

Will Smith
James Avery
Janet Hubert-Whitten
Alfonso Ribeiro
Karyn Parsons
Tatyana Ali
Joseph Marcell
Daphne Maxwell Reid
Ross Bagley


Will is originally from West-Philadelphia but was forced to move soon after participating in a fight with a couple of thugs. Fearing for his safety his¬†mother¬†sent him out to¬†Bel Air. He was born in 1973 in West Philadelphia. When Will was five years old, he was abandoned by his father,¬†Lou, leaving his mother,¬†Viola, to raise him in poverty. At 16, a local bully named¬†Omar¬†assaulted Will after he accidentally bounced a basketball on him. It is implied Omar’s gang surrounds Will, and his friends criticize Will’s stupidity, as well as mocking his full name – William – which Will takes offence to. They decide to start a fight with Will, but being raised in Philadelphia, Will feels as if he is tough enough to fight them. He doesn’t back down, and his results in him getting beaten up by the four bullies. As he states in the intro, because of his loss – and by extension, the many dangers of living in a ghetto – Viola gives Will a ticket to Bel-Air, sending him off, and placing Will in the hands of his aunt, Vivian, and his uncle, Philip. After a plane ride and a taxi ride from Philadelphia to Bel-Air later, Will arrives at his new destination, eager to begin his new life in Bel-Air.

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