Worlds Apart- Award Winning animation by Michael Zachary Huber. [HD]

Disclaimer, this is a work of Science Fiction, the events depicted in this animation have nothing to do with climate debate, those that wish to use this piece as a narrative for their political views or agenda need to look elsewhere.

Completed in 2011, Worlds Apart tells the story of a young Central California family caught in an unimaginable situation caused by a global catastrophe. Told through the eyes of a child’s teddy bear, Worlds Apart is part cautionary fairytale and part science fiction thriller. The film has garnered fifteen Best Animation awards from festivals around the globe. Many amazingly talented students worked for two years to complete this film.

This version of Worlds Apart features an excellent film score by Chad Seiter. Having worked on films such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille, Chad was the perfect person to undertake the score and orchestration for Worlds Apart. For the final recording Chad assembled some of the most talented musicians in Hollywood. This included artists from the LA Philharmonic.

A final thank you to my wife who helped me write some very key scenes when I had that oh so common writers block.

To reach Chad and see his full list of credits look here.

This is the third film written, produced, and directed by Michael Zachary Huber.

For more information on the film you can contact the director at:

[email protected]


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