Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Tiesto Remix) HD

No words for describe this wonderful masterpiece of trance of 2002…it is just like diving into the sea of trance in a sultry summer day…heavenly! Vocals by Carla Werner; (the best) remix by Mr Tiesto!!

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  2. Perfect 👌 💜☄️

  3. This masterpiece is 20 years old now.

  4. I'm 70 next week fitness and 2022 Forever Mix

  5. Thinking man's music. And,dare I say, thinking woman's music!

  6. Ol' Oakenfold. The Brit works very hard to keep us guessing….and thinking!

  7. it just hurts whatever

  8. no not really,. it's just wrong, i don't say much

  9. Never fails to get the dopamine receptors raging… I remember listening to this track to push me through some hard cardio at the gym, worked a treat! Sigh, I wish I could return to the days of trance. Sipping mojitos on the sandy beach with the sun warming the skin and trance warming the soul…

  10. Damn i miss this music so much

  11. This song make me think of Don Draper's Carousel pitch in Mad Men when he speaks on Nostalgia when he says, “nostalgia literally means 'the pain from an old wound'. It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone."
    Too true.

  12. I would go clubbing with my mum any day ❤️❤️

  13. Find me a better tune than this !!! Fuckin banging tune

  14. best trance, time and passion for dance, music for …..!

  15. When I know it's time to end this life, this is the tune I'm going out with.

  16. Almost 2022!! Grew up listening to this!! Forever an amazing track! Who’s here with me! ❣️

  17. My favorite Paul Oakenfold song………… greetings of Perú…

  18. Que temazo tan BRUTAL!!! la mejor época del Trance!!! Oakenfold y Tiesto eran unos Genios!!

  19. 2021…. Polska ….Słupsk

  20. all dj tiesto mixes are so shit .. ;/

  21. Great aint the word for this tune!

  22. Free Penny! Feed many! 🏝🛸🐢♥️,,,,,,,

  23. I can never hear this song and not have that special feeling!