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`Bhor’ highlights bitter truth of Female infanticide still being practiced in some areas and a mother desperate to bear a son as she already has a daughter — “Laukya”. Laukya faces condescension from everyone but her father “Bhairo” who inspires her to study and progress. Her grandfather visits them one day and convinces his pregnant daughter-in- law `Moodhi’ that a girl child is a burden and ought to be abandoned. He also invites his son Bhairo for the yajna ceremony that he has planned for having a grandson. Bhairo refuses and also rebukes his wife for seeking a boy child. Soon a girl child is born to Bhairo in his absence and is killed by his own people. Grandfather repents and discreetly pays for Laukya’ competition fee which Raghu (elder son) comes to know and flunks him out of the house. With grief he stays with Bhairo and gradually develops affection for his granddaughter. Laukya wins competition and invites his grandfather to school. Being overwhelmed grandfather admits on stage the crime he had committed and avows to save girl child and propel them towards education through a touching speech.
The story ends.

Director’s Note : BHOR
Greetings !
My name is Amit Chandpuri, professional Actor and Film Maker with an overwhelming zeal to improve my skill set in pursuit of excellence. I wrote, directed and co-edited BHOR (DAWN) as I want to make people discover their potential for action where they can change the situation of a girl child suffering female foeticide is an extreme manifestation of violence against women. They are not only denied the right to live but are robbed to their right to be born.. In China “the most venomous of curses has been ‘May you die without sons’. It’s a holocaust and smoothly executed crime which leaves no waves in its wake which has pricked me and motivated to narrate a story that might help. May be it will touch the right chords in places where it matters. And maybe.. just may maybe.. We might come up with something more than a finger in the dyke. And as the name suggests (BHOR), maybe we head towards the dawn.
I believe that by blending different forms of art such as audio, visuals, storytelling etc. we can create a more powerful medium of communication. Each project I make is different and I feel honoured by the acceptances and impacts that these films make on each and every individual and I am very excited that the film will reach many audiences. I feel passionate for filmmaking and my hope is to carry inspiration to others.

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