Bring Me The Horizon – DiE4u (Official Video)

Bring Me The Horizon – DiE4u (official video)

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written, directed and edited by Oliver Sykes
produced by Craig Dixon

director of photography – Nathalie Pitters
visual effects – Harry Davidson
colourist – Alex Gregory
colour producer – Charlie Morris
artist management – Jumana Brinkley-Abbas
commissioner – Kat Cattaneo

production serviced by – SHELTER


you know that i’d die for
i cry for
you know that i’d die for you
you know that i breathe for
i bleed for
you know that i breathe for you
let me see my halo
even though it’s painful
i’m prepared to lose
you know that i’d die for
i cry for
you know that i’d die for you
i keep holding my breath for a miracle
hoping the hole in my heart would have healed somehow
feeling so fucking close to the edge right now
you know you’re everything i hate
wish i could escape
but you know i would die for you
cos i’ve died inside
a thousand times
but still i kill myself for you
because the truth of it
you could slit my wrists
& i’d write your name in a heart with the haemorrhage
feeling so fucking close to the edge right now
i know it’s you i need to kick
you make me feel like shit
and i don’t want to die for you
this isn’t love
this is a car crash
this isn’t love
this is a blood bath
this isn’t love
this is a sentence
it’s a bullet in the head
so pull the trigger


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  1. You know you have a real connection with the band or any music artist when you personally can feel the growth of that specific band or artist as you grow in life and as do that you can tell from how the music changes but it’s the growth into whatever direction they feel that they should be going to express them selves and as do you because you can reflect because you’re not who you were 10 years ago vs today so right on keep being yourself and expressing yourself as fell free to because we all deserve to express our feelings and emotions because it’s who we ar.

  2. i can see this as an anime opening

  3. Am I the only one that thinks the second chorus sounds just like Post Malone.?

  4. 4:56 this shot is so fucking sick!

  5. It's crazy how people don't see the actual meaning behind this song.

  6. i thought they said "Chipotle Chicken" 4:30

  7. Taking back sunday shit…I love IT.

  8. Thank you for the resolution <3 1440p

  9. The scene kid that lives in my heart loves this pop screamo shit <3 <3 <3 can't get enough

  10. To everyone who came to call bmth shit because they went pop-rock, as it is tradition of the low lives, I have a message for you: We know your life is sad and you can't move on from the early 2000's when you were young and happy, but as you've seen with your increasingly large stomach and pattern male baldness, things change. Now, go back to your mom's basement and shut yourself with your entry level guitar that you bought back in 2007 when you thought you wanted to play some sick riffs but failed miserably.

    Someone who has been here since Count Your Blessings. <3

  11. Flop… 😔 I bet bmth thought this was going to be a massive single …

  12. Song sucks. I change the station when it comes on.

  13. Vamps act like crackheads when they taste blood 🤣 unlike Lycans.

  14. Anyone know the meaning of the album cover art?

  15. Video reminds me of Papa Roach – Last Resort meets From Dusk til Dawn

  16. Usted está ya muy mal de la cabeza men…

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