A Social Life | Award Winning Short Film | Social Media Depression

Are you living the life that you post?

A Social Life is a short film about a career driven woman named Meredith who’s living the life she’s always dreamed of… online. Meredith strives to live a balanced life: staying fit, working hard and connecting with her friends; she is creating her “image” within her broader social media friend base. But she awakes one day and realizes that her reflection is merely the collection of photos that she has shared with others. Is this her life? Or just a carefully curated brand?

Kerith Lemon is a writer, director and creator with rich experience in multi-platform storytelling and creative narratives. Driven by her passion for stories that emotionally connect, Lemon is drawn to narratives that elevate women, mirror societal complications, and create dialogues amongst a broad audience. Her directorial debut, A Social Life, premiered at the Canberra International Short Film Festival, where it was awarded the prize for Best International Actor and most recently has won Best Ladies First Short at the Lady Filmmakers Festival in Pacific Grove, CA. It will continue to screen at film festivals throughout 2016.

Connect with A Social Life:
Facebook: http://bit.ly/ASocialLifeFB
Twitter: http://bit.ly/ASocialLifeTW
Instagram: http://bit.ly/ASocialLifeIG
Website: www.kerithlemon.com

For Press Inquiries: [email protected]


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