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Watch this touching CGI 3D award winning short film about a distressed father who is separated from his daughter in an accident and must overcome the reality of the tempest to reach her. Directed by the talented James Mann. For more info please see the details below…

The New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards has awarded graduates of The Animation School the 2016 SILVER WORLD MEDAL for “AURORA” in the Best Student Film.

The Animation School is South Africa’s leading provider of higher education in the field of animation as we consistently produce award-winning graduates who are employed by top companies locally and abroad.

Cape Town International Animation Festival

WON ­ Best Technical Effects in Team Production Category

WON ­ Best Sound in Team Production Category

WON ­ Best Production in Team Production Category

DIRECTOR: James Mann


TECH.DIRECTOR: Sam Hillebrand

EDITORS: Tyla Koen / James Mann

ANIMATION: Daniel Morison / James Mann / Sam Hillebrand

MODELLING: Grant Jacobs / James Mann / Sam Hillebrand

TEXTURING: Grant Jacobs

LIGHTING: Tyla Koen / Grant Jacobs

CONCEPT ART: Chris Thwaites

PRACTICAL EFFECTS: James Mann/ Daniel Morison

MUSIC: Antoni Schonken

SOUND: Aret Lambrechts


James Mann

Grant Jacobs

Sam Hillebrand

Daniel Morison

Tyla Koen

Chris Thwaites

Antoni Schonken­schonken

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