How to choose the best Mobile Game site

How to choose the best mobile Game site

Convenience has been perhaps the greatest advent of the mobile era. It is easier and quicker now to do, well, virtually anything in the modern world. One of the biggest innovators in this area has been the bingo industry, as countless apps and sites have moved to position themselves as the leading provider of bingo games for playing on your mobile.

With so many sites, though, the question of how to find the best one for you becomes more and more complex. There is an ever-greater number of factors to consider, and an ever greater number of contenders to take into account. Today, as many as 300 separate sites have been licensed by the U.K. gambling commission.

Today, we’re going to help you make that decision.

User feedback

For me, the question starts at the basics. What do other players think of the app, or the site? Sites cannot escape being reviewed somewhere online, so it’s just a case of finding where. There are large online directories in which substantial user bases can review popular, and more obscure, bingo sites. The best sites will have tens of thousands of good reviews for you to select from.

If a site has very few reviews and seems quite new, perhaps give it a wider berth until more has been said about it. Or just play it for free, if possible, to test it yourself.

If you’re downloading an app in the Play or App Store, then there will be reviews collected there for the app itself. These reviews will give a good, broad view of what’s good or bad about the app. If everyone seems to be reporting the same problem, it’s probably worth steering clear for the time being.

One of the good things about these reviews is their focus on the overall functionality of the app or site.


Whether you plan to play bingo a lot or just every now and then, you are not going to be able to ignore a faulty and poorly built app for very long. Almost universally in reviews, the most commonly talked about thing is whether the site is broken or glitchy, if it doesn’t work properly, is prone to crashing—these sorts of technical faults.

There are plenty of sites that function perfectly more or less all of the time, and you will greatly appreciate the smoother experience. Bingo is a fast-paced game, and with large volumes of players, the apps need to be built well to handle it.

Don’t undervalue this feature even in the face of attractive welcome offers.

Bonuses, offers and promotions

That said, for me, the next most important factor is those offers and bonuses. As more and more sites have sprung up over the years, they’ve had to offer increasingly attractive bonuses to attract new customers.

Now, more or less all bingo sites offer a substantial welcome bonus of some kind. Typically, it will be in the form of an amount of free funds to use to play the game, as a reward for your first deposit. A typical bonus might be £50 of free plays for a £10 deposit.

Finding the best offer may take some time, but it’s another really good way to separate the best from the rest. Without an attractive welcome offer, a site doesn’t really deserve your attention.

If you’re just getting started in the game, too, then it’s a great way to get to grips with the game without putting too much hard money into it.

Design and aesthetics

Finally, I would think about the artwork and design of each site. You may personally be more or less bothered about this, but again, it is something that you might be faced with looking intently at for long periods of time. You’d be surprised at the level of artistry that goes into these games, and how appealing some of it can be.

Bingo sites and games have come up with all sorts of exciting themes and designs, from Aztec temples, to undersea Atlantean vistas—there are countless attractive themes to choose from.

This is really about tailoring your experience, and finding that one that is really perfect. There may be a few that tick all the boxes above, but only one that really speaks to you in its art.

This list could go on and on, as I’m sure you already had some of your own ideas about what to consider that didn’t make it into this list. The fact is that taking absolutely everything into account, while still having time to actually distinguish a good number of choices, becomes almost impossible. For my money, you start with the basics we’ve outlined here, and look into greater detail from there. If the site or app ticks all the boxes above for you, then you’re off to a good start.

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