Video Slot Variations You Should Try

Video Slot Variations You Should Try

Ever since the birth of casinos in the 17th century, there have been a lot of developments surrounding this particular field. Gambling has achieved a new level. There are various types of games you can play at a casino. Slot machines are one of them; it’s a machine that creates a game of chance. They have a mechanical arm attached to the side that the players must tug at to begin the process. Slot machines are known to empty players’ pockets, prompting many to believe it is a scam.

As time progresses, innovations often occur. The most famous part of the casinos, i.e., slot machines is not an exception to this phenomenon. You can find good online slots everywhere, even in places like Thailand. People might look up the best online slots in Thailand and come across more than enough to satisfy their interests.

With the birth of the digital world, casinos expanded to the online market. Slot machines got their share of upgrades too. The arm got replaced with a button.

Online Slot Machines

All online slots are, in a way, video slots. There are several types of slot machines. Many of them have more reels in comparison to the traditional slot machines. Video slot machines seem to have taken over the casino industry by phasing out the conventional slot machines. They consist of graphics and other multimedia. They appear similar to machines you might find in an arcade. The video slots are more exciting than the conventional slots. Features lacking in a traditional slot machine are present in video slots and complement the already exciting game.

Traditional slot machines require players to pull an arm to set the reels off. Also, there are constraints in the design, which reduces the number of reels present. There is a lack of multimedia, flashy animations, sound, etc. However, many people still prefer these types of classic slot machines. The reason might be nostalgia or something else.

Try the video slots if you’re looking for something exciting in the casino. They are the most prominent part of the casino, paired with an extra touch that packs a fun punch. There are thousands of varieties in the video slots.

Types of Video Slots:

Theme based slots:

Most of the slots present online have a prominent theme that appeals to many people, similar to a few games in the arcade. Among the popular themes, you may find Ancient Egypt, Roman emperors, Greek Gods, among various others. The themes add an extra flair to the already exciting games.

Progressive Slots:

These slots have the most significant prizes the games can offer. As the name suggests, the rewards continue to increase till a player claims the prize. When the player claims the prize, it resets to zero. If you like to play big, this is a variation, then this is a variation that will probably suit your taste.

Retro Slots:

Some developers haven’t given up on the nostalgia of the traditional slot machines. These slots are reminiscent of the conventional slot machines. Set up using three reels similar to the traditional slot machines, they also feature fruits and bells like the regular slots.

Slots with a bonus level:

When you get a bonus symbol or earn a win, you get to spin the wheel for a bonus round. The presentation of these rounds usually occurs before the player claims the final jackpot’s prize. These bonus rounds attract a lot of people.

Fixed Jackpots:

These slots have a fixed jackpot, as you could have probably guessed by the name. These are somewhat the opposites of the progressive slots. You get to claim the prize only when you attain certain conditions.

Slots with a free spin:

You will come across this type of slot very often. It is common and sometimes rewards you with other bonuses depending on your reward.

These are a few of the variations of the video slots. There are several more. Listing them all wouldn’t be possible, such is the count. However, the ones listed are some of the popular ones. If you’re trying video slots, you should try these out.

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