YOUTH – CINE Award-winning Short Film

Raised in strict discipline and expectation, a confined teenage girl sneaks out to her first party in hopes of experiencing her denied youth against the constant shadow of her upbringing.
/ Youth takes a highly personal approach in examining an universal concept always eulogized but often condemned. Youth is a time of exploration, but we are taught to follow a predefined path instead that leads to supposed success and happiness. It’s that choice between the unknown and the charted that drives this film. Youth is not a film about drinking, parties or hookups; rather, it is about what they stand for – the discovering of self.

Written and Directed by Jeff Fan
Produced by TRYKA FILM COALITION, as part of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School IB Film, and Imagination Stage Independent Study Program

Nina Cavalcanti as Emma
Ashley Behnke as Youth
Jane Petkofsky as Mother
Rachel Arbacher as Olivia
Sofie Scott & Danny Roberts as Thirsty Couple
Max Gilder as Drummer

1st Assistant Director
Sam Hayden

2nd Assistant Director
Zoe Malhotra

Production Managers
Doga Tasdemir | Yoojin Lim | Katie Weber

Produced By
Sam Dodd | Orlando Pinder | Leo Kelly | Diana Whealan | Jeff Fan

Director of Photography
Elliott Powell

Assistant Camera
Leo Duke | Danny Roberts

Head Gaffer
Corinne Chapman

Head Carpenter
Aidan Knab

Doga Tasdemir | Yoojin Lim | Cameron Walkup | Miles Waldman | James Wu

Production Designer
Gemma London

Assistant Art Directors
Lila Sheon | Janey Fredman | Daniel Lutze | Rachel London

Sound Designer
Jeff Fan

Production Sound Mixer
Sasha Sibley | Aidan Knab

Re-Recording Mixer
Adrian Wong-Valle

Additional Sound Technicians
Sami Louguit | Miles Waldman

| Bathroom Piano
Composed by Sabrina Komm
Performed by Sabrina Komm

| Anacostia
Produced by Jaq Simpson

| Trillion
Produced by Jaq Simpson

| Dance Party
Produced by Jaq Simpson
Vocals by Alexia Gioacchini

| Memorandum
Sabrina Komm on Piano
Gabriel Mafra on Drums
Knox Barber on Bass
Sami Louguit on Violin

Classroom Choreography by
Rachel Arbacher | Ariana McKenzie | Maddy Smith | Willa Murphy

Classroom Dancers
Zoe Malhotra | Josephine Ullman | Melissa Shore | Danny Roberts | Diana Whealan | Lila Sheon | Rachel Arbacher | Ariana McKenzie | Maddy Smith | Willa Murphy | Daniel Lutze | Nina Cavalcanti

On Set DJ
Kai Zlotnitsky

Beautiful Extras
Alexia Gioacchini | Lila Sheon | Aliza Broder | Max Rykov | Dagi Alemu | Sami Louguit | Aryan Manglik | Elena Schwam | Izzy Wilder | Cherie Carter | Daniel Lutze | Melissa Shore | Max Gilder | Andre Nadeau | Diana Whealan | Miles Waldman | Danny Roberts | Sofie Scott | Eleanore McGuire-Wien | Mendi Adams | Noah Sultan | Kelsey Franklin | James Baldwin | Hayley Goddard | Sariya Ismail | Cassidy Knab | Bo Tembunkiart

Film Editor
Jeff Fan

Elliott Powell

Ms Brianna McCoy | Mr Alain Perron | Mr Marshall White | Mr Ron Underwood | Ms Leayne Dempsey | Izzy Wilder | Sasha Sibley | Milena Castillo-Grynberg | Maddy Smith | Aidan Gray | Kai Elwood-Dieu

This film would not have been possible without the support of
Rachel Bernstein & Family
Anna Cozzens & Family
Mr Matthew Boswell
Mr David Stern

Friends and Family of all involved.


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