First Born | Animated Short Film

A 2D animated short film produced by students from the San Jose State University Animation/ Illustration program in 2020.

Synopsis: Determined to gain favor in his family’s eyes and match his sister’s status, a boy must prove his worth and show his potential in an upcoming martial arts competition.

Awards 2020-2021:
– Andromeda Film Festival ( Winner)
– Asian Cinematography Awards ( Best Animated short Film and Best Cinematography)
– CFIFF Changing Face International Film Festival ( Monthly Winner)
– CSU Media Arts Festival ( Top 30 Winner)
– Independent Shorts Awards (Bronze Award)
– LAIFFA (Best Animation)
– Monthly Indie Shorts ( Best Student Animation of the Month)
– RED Movie Awards Reims Excellence Director (Honorable Mention)
– SF Another Hole In The Head ( Best Animation Short)
– SF Indie Shorts ( Best Local Animation)
– TMFF The Monthly Film Festival (Winner)
– Universal Martial Arts Film Festival ( Jury Award)
– Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival ( Best 2D Animation)
– Venice Shorts ( Best US Animation)

Finalist and Semi- Finalist 2020-2021:
– Asia South East-Short Film Festival (Special Mention)
– Davis International Film Festival (DIFF) (Finalist)
– Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
– IDTV Action Fest (Finalist for Best Film and Best Scene)
– Indie X Film Fest ( Finalist)
– Jelly Film Festival (Finalist)
– Key West Film Festival (Jury Award Nominee)
– Lonely Wolf London International Film Festival (Quarter Finalist)
– New York Animation Film Awards (Finalist)
– Peak City International Film Festival ( Semi-Finalist)
– RIFF Awards ( Semi-Finalist)
– Student Los Angeles Film Awards (Finalist)
– Tokyo International Short Film Festival (Finalist)
– 54th Humboldt Int’l Film Festival (Finalist)

Official Selections 2020-2021:
– Animafilm International Animation Festival
– Animation Celebration Fest
– Animation Chico International Animation Festival
– Anti-Hero Fest
– AOF Asians on Film Festival
– AniMate Australia Animation Film Festival
– Asian Film Festival Los Angeles Hollywood
– Bay Area Bash Film Festival
– Borrego Springs + Drive-In Film Festival
– Chaniartoon Internantional Comic and Animation Festival
– Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying Festival)
– Chinese American Film Festival
– Chungbuk International Martial Arts & Action Film Festival
– Cindependent
– CineAsian Films
– Cinequest Film & VR Festival (Oscar Qualifying Festival)
– Fighting Spirit Film Festival
– Kalakari Film Festival
– LA Animation FilmFest
– LA Asian FIlmFest
– LA Under the Stars Film Festival
– New York Independent Cinema Awards
– Overmountain Animation Film Festival
– Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival PAAF
– Salt City International Film Festival
– San Jose International Short Film Festival
– Seattle Asian American Film Festival
– Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest
– TIAF- Tbilisi International Animation Festival
– Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival

Directed and storyboarded by: Justin Bruce Lee (@justbleeve)

Co-Producers: Aerik Bertulfo, David Diba, Justin Bruce Lee, Brianna Flores (@brifloresb)

Story by: Aerik Bertulfo and Justin Bruce Lee

Art Director and Compositor: David Diba (@david.diba)

Animation Supervisor: Aerik Bertulfo (@_a_erik)

Visual Development by: Aaron Cobb (@king_cobb), Maddie Jack (@alofttheskies), Pearl Kaewpanya (@pearlillustration), Siena Kuan (@sanguine_air), Junhao Su (@junhao_su), Tina Su (@tunaasoup).

Animation by: Michael Begen (@michaelbegen), Pierina Caligaris (@pierinacaligaris_art), David Johnson (@davidboyjohnson), Ryan Johnson (@rwsjohnson), Raymundo Mendoza Landa (@raydiosilence) , Lillian Lee (@lillotea), Steward Lee (@leesiulung8), Jon David Leslie (@theotherjdpower), Meiya Lim (@papayapenguin), Minori Uemura (@minori.uemura), TIna Wu, Katherine Yu

Calligraphy by: May Key Lee (@maykeylee)

3D Models by: David Diba and Callum McGrath (callum.mcmodels)

Music by: Arnie Co (@arnie.sainz)
Sound Design by: Nicolas Anastassiou
Mixing and Music Edited by: Davis Feeley (@davis.feeley)
Additional Orchestration by: Daniel Rodier (@rodier_film)
Musicians by: Sandra Lewis, Declan Lewis, Callie Lewis, “Stix” Lewis, Nick Panoutsos (@vegbass), Jason Lewis, Christopher Motter (@christophmott)

Credit Song “More Than Enough” by: Samantha Dacanay (@samanthadacanay) and Ezekiel Jon Saldajeno (@eazy_kiel)

Thesis Advisors and Consultants: Raquel Coelho, Youri Dekker (@youri_dekker), Ryan Eways (@ryaneways), Steward Lee, Dave Yee (@daveyeestudio), John Clapp, Tom Austin

Programs: Toonboom Harmony and Storyboard Pro; Maya; Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premier.

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