Why Netflix Is Collapsing: The Coming Netflix Crisis

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Title taken from PolyMatter’s great video: ‘Why Sri Lanka is Collapsing: the Coming Global Food Crisis’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5zxYDHwf-Y

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00:00 – The Struggle For Netflix
06:49 – Collapse?
08:48 – The Rise
13:20 – Established Titles
14:25 – The Poisoning
21:34 – The Fall

Netflix is worse than you thought. The netflix business model is collapsing making Netflix trash and its why netflix is bad. Netflix is now losing money, losing it’s stock price, and struggling to make profits. Because netflix went woke. This is the rise and fall of netflix.This is why netflix is collapsing and is causing a coming crisis for netflix’s business. This video will be analyse netflixs stock crash, there stock market predictions, why netflix isn’t making money.


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