How To Draw Super Mario – Easy Video Tutorial

How To Draw Super Mario – Easy Video Tutorial

How To Draw Super Mario – Easy Video Tutorial

How To Draw Super Mario | Sketch Saturday

Learn How to Draw Super Mario. Grab your pen and paper and follow along as I guide you through these step by step drawing instructions. Check out my Sketch Playlist below for more of your favourite characters.

How To Draw Super Mario – Sketch Sundays – Easy Video Tutorial – Learn how to draw the famous Plumber from the Classic Video Game.

Nintendo’s platform game franchise Super Mario features Mario, the company’s mascot. It is the core series of the larger Mario franchise and is sometimes known as the Super Mario Bros.[b] series or simply the Mario series. Every major Nintendo video game console has at least one Super Mario game available. The series consists of almost 20 games.

The Super Mario games mainly feature Mario as the player character and are mostly set in the made-up Mushroom Kingdom. He is frequently joined by other Mario cast members as well as his brother Luigi. The player character must run and jump through platforms, over opponents, and through themed stages as part of a platform game.

The games’ stories are straightforward, usually involving Mario and Luigi saving the Princess Peach from the main bad guy, Bowser. The series’ fundamental gameplay ideas and components were introduced in 1985 with the introduction of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). These consist of numerous objects and power-ups that grant the character special abilities like launching fireballs and shifting sizes.

The Super Mario series is a component of the larger Mario franchise, which also spans various types of video games and media like movies, television, books, and merchandising. Super Mario titles have sold more than 380 million copies worldwide, making them the fifth-best-selling video game franchise, behind the bigger Mario franchise, the Tetris puzzle series, the Pokémon video game series, and the first-person shooter series Call of Duty.

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