Episode 1 : Salad Mug – DYNAMO DREAM

Feels so good to finally post this! Unending thanks to all the friends who worked to help make this happen, and all of the folks over on the patreon!

A lot changed over the course of making this episode (you can probably feel it), and while I’m really excited about this episode, I’m even more excited to keep everything moving for the next bit; the big goal is to be able to finish these things a bit faster than every 3 years ūüėõ

Thanks so much for watching- I hope you enjoy it.

If you DID enjoy it and want to chip in a bit financially for future episodes, I’ve documented a ton of the process (and shared a bunch of assets) over on my Patreon. Mostly VFX/blender tutorials and such, but also more general breakdowns, too, and I’d of course love to see you there.

Also, HUGE thanks to Impossible Acoustic for being down to take on this project! The degree to which the audio sculpts the end experience here is absolutely wild.

Composited in After Effects,
All 3d work in Blender (blender.org)

Huge thanks again, to everyone ūüėÄ


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