TOP 12 Unique Flying Machines

Enjoy a selection of the best personal flying machines of 2021 with beautiful music. From homemade hoverboards and eVTOLs to jetsuits and jetwings: 12+ real flying vehicles that actually fly.

00:00 Intro

00:28 12. Omni Hoverboards

01:15 11. CopterPack

02:18 10. Hoverbike Scorpion S3

03:19 9. LIFT Aicraft HEXA

04:46 8. Kitty Hawk Heaviside

06:02 7. Zapata Flyboard Air
07:27 Zapata EzFly

07:38 6. Opener BlackFly

08:54 5. Alauda Airspeeder MK3
09:52 DCL Big Drone

10:32 4. Jetpack JB-10

12:06 3. Lazareth LMV 496

13:25 2. Gravity Jet Suit

15:21 1. Jetman (Jetwing)

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Music: Urban Lullaby – Jimmy Fontanez / Doug Maxwell
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‘Twilight Echo’ [Synthwave CC-BY] by Scott Buckley –

Music Info: Energetic Rock Trailer by RomanSenykMusic.
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Artist: Audio Hertz | Track: World War Outerspace

‘The Climb’ [Inspirational Hybrid Orchestral CC-BY] by Scott Buckley –

‘Felicity’ [Uplifting Pop-Folk CC-BY] by Scott Buckley –

‘Chasing Daylight’ [Emotional Neoclassical CC-BY] by Scott Buckley –

Music Info: Rock Upbeat by RomanSenykMusic.
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‘Ascension’ [Emotional Hybrid Orchestral CC-BY] by Scott Buckley –

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You’re In Trouble Deep [Remix] by Anders Bothén courtesy of

Music in background: The Rising by Aakash Gandhi

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