Online vs Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles Which is better?

Online vs Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles . Which is better?

Online vs Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles Which is better?
Online vs Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles Which is better?

Jigsaw puzzles have been around since 1766. It officially appeared in 1873 and was made of wood chopped into parts with a jigsaw. Hence the origin of the name jigsaw puzzle. People have played jigsaw puzzles long before and will keep playing them long after we are gone.

In the USA alone, approximately 1.8 billion jigsaw puzzles are sold annually. 

However, there’s always a lingering question of whether people should engage in online or traditional jigsaw puzzles.

With the entertainment, family time, and brain benefits of playing jigsaw puzzles, such a question doesn’t come from space. Everyone is eager to know the best way they can play jigsaw puzzles to get the most benefits.

This article will enlighten you on why online or traditional jigsaw puzzles are good.

What are traditional Jigsaw Puzzles?

Traditional jigsaw puzzles refer to those physical puzzle games we all grew up playing. There are different types of jigsaw puzzles, and personalization is even possible for jigsaw puzzles nowadays. Jigsaw puzzles are now available in 3D.

Did you know that the most number of pieces is 551,232? The whole puzzle is 600 square meters. It took 1,600 students to complete it in a total of 17 hours.

Benefits of Traditional puzzles

Reliable: Traditional puzzles are highly beneficial for kids. You don’t have to worry about losing a session due to a poor internet connection which may be the case playing online jigsaw puzzles. You can have fun anywhere with traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Perfect for bonding: Playing traditional jigsaw puzzles with friends or kids is an ideal catalyst for bonding. You can regularly play with your kids and boost your emotional bond with them.

However, traditional jigsaw puzzles can be very disappointing. You may never be able to solve a jigsaw puzzle after losing a piece. It can be very frustrating. If you have kids running around your house, you could easily misplace some pieces of your jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, you may have to buy a new one every time you lose a piece. Very frustrating.

What are online jigsaw puzzles?

An online jigsaw puzzle is a puzzle that you play on your computer or any smaller gadget. The online jigsaw puzzle comes with a lot of flexibility. You can choose the number of pieces you’d like to use. As such, it gives you an opportunity to grow progressively. You can also introduce your kid to online jigsaw puzzle games, starting from as little as eight pieces.

Facts about Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Convenience: You can play it anywhere and at any time. You can pause and continue whenever you feel like it. There will never be a moment where you’ll be worried about losing a piece.

It’s Free: A majority of online jigsaw puzzles are free, and these sites have the biggest collection of free jigsaw puzzles that will entertain you at any time of need.

However, you’ll need to be wary of the light coming from the screens. Therefore playing an online jigsaw puzzle for hours can speed up blindness due to the blue light coming from the screen.

Some puzzles may require more than 12 hours to complete meanwhile others may be easier (depending on the player). Deepika Ravichandran, for example, holds the record for the fastest puzzle solver. She solved a 250-piece puzzle in only 13 minutes and 7 seconds. Solving such a puzzle on a screen may have taken her a bit longer.


Jigsaw puzzles will bless you with priceless bonding time, and family time and improve your brain health. Nevertheless, you should know which one works for you. Hopefully, this article will help you choose between traditional or online jigsaw puzzles.



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