Ukrainian animated film , Mavka The Forest Song

Ukrainian animated film , Mavka The Forest Song

Ukrainian animated film , Mavka The Forest Song

What is “Mavka: The Forest Song” about?

Mavka The Forest Song is a new Ukrainian animated movie that is scheduled to be released in December 2022. The film was created using computer animation and traditional drawing techniques. In addition to Ukrainian, the film will be screened in English.

Mavka, a beautiful forest nymph, is coming to life in a new 3D-animated short film. Mavka faces an impossible choice between love and her duty when she falls in love with a human. The story is narrated by Mavka’s grandmother, who shares the story of Mavka’s mother, a Forest nymph, and her tragic choice between love and duty.

The story is brought to life through stunning 3D animation and includes some truly beautiful characters. While Mavka’s story may be fiction, it speaks to a very real dilemma that we all face at some point in our lives. Do we follow our hearts or our heads? Our emotions or our duty? Mavka’s story is a reminder that sometimes, the most challenging choices are also the most important ones.

The production of Mavka.

Ukrainian animated film , Mavka The Forest Song

The production of the 3D animated family feature “The Forest Song” was a collaboration between Animagrad studio and FILM.UA Group. The movie was based on the poetic play of the same name by Lesya Ukrainka, which was written in 1991.

In addition, the production team drew inspiration from Slavic mythology to create their own unique take on its heroes and themes. As a result, “The Forest Song” is a heartwarming story that will resonate with viewers of all ages.

The movie is produced by Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, and Egor Olesov, with Oleg Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban directing. The scriptwriter is Yaroslav Voytseshek, and Kristian Koskinen serves as the art director.

The music of Mavka The Forst Song

Ukrainian animated film , Mavka The Forest Song

The music in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Ukrainian movie Mavka is a perfect example of how modern musicians are bringing the concept of combining cinematic orchestral music with Ukrainian folk instruments and melodies to life.

The famous folklore multi-instrumentalist Maxym Berezhnyuk and the ethnic band Dakha Brakha are both involved in the soundtrack recording. They do an incredible job of blending traditional Ukrainian music with a more modern sound.

The result is a truly unique and beautiful piece of music that perfectly sets the tone for the trailer. I can’t wait to hear more from these talented musicians when the entire soundtrack is released!

The Trailer of Mavka The Forest Song

The first trailer of Mavka The Forest Song was revealed at the Annecy Animation Film Festival in 2017. Here is the reveal trailer that was shown in the content market.

MAVKA. The Forest Song. Official Teaser

After several years of production, FILM.UA Group released another trailer that showcases a visual upgrade to the characters and environments. You can see the new trailer here:

MAVKA. THE FOREST SONG. Official Teaser Trailer

When can you see Mavka?

Even with the war in Ukraine, the film is set to be released on December 2022. According to the CEO of FILM.UA Distribution, Igor Storchak: The distribution rights to the film have already been acquired by ten companies that operate on 20 international territories, including countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa”

A must-see 3D animation film

Mavka: The Forest Song is an upcoming animated movie from Ukraine with a lot of buzz around it. The story follows the titular character, Mavka, as she navigates her way through a forestry school and falls in love with a human boy.

This heartwarming tale should not be missed – make sure to keep an eye out for its release! Are you looking forward to seeing Mavka: The Forest Song? Let us know in the comments below!


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