Why The Founder of KFC Sued KFC

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The INSANE Story of KFC / Why KFC Sued Colonel Sanders: KFC’s REAL Secrets / Why KFC Hates Colonel Sanders / Why Colonel Sanders Hates KFC:

The story of KFC – a look through KFC’s history, including how Colonel Sanders built KFC, the rise of KFC, and the business & finance side of KFC too. The history of KFC is pretty crazy, as it starts out as an inspiring underdog business success story, as Colonel Sanders starts from nothing to then selling chicken out of a gas station to then becoming a millionaire! Harland Sanders ends up building a giant global franchise in his late 60’s. KFC is clearly an extremely successful company that makes a huge amount of money through its franchises today – but the KFC story takes a twist when Colonel Sanders sells his company, as KFC then sue their own founder, and Colonel Sanders sues KFC (the company he created), demanding millions of dollars in compensation. In this MagnatesMedia KFC documentary we’ll look through the KFC success story and the truth behind this company / fast food empire! Colonel Harland Sander’s story is fascinating, so I hope you enjoy this business mini-movie about KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

00:00 Intro (The INSANE Story of KFC)
00:28 Chapter 1: The Origin of Colonel Harland Sanders
02:08 Chapter 2: Odd Jobs
04:04 Chapter 3: Gas Station Chicken
08:12 Chapter 4: Franchise
10:23 Chapter 5: Selling KFC
12:11 Chapter 6: Sanders vs KFC

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