Lionel Messi – The Story Behind The Legend


How good was Lionel Messi actually? #GOAT
New video about one of the most talked about players in the history of football. In this episode we take on Lionel Messi who played for Barcelona and PSG for all of his career.

Lionel Messi – Making A GOAT – Documentary
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My third full length documentary, this time in a docu-series format, goes over the career and life of one of the greatest players this world has ever seen Lionel Messi, from his birth in Rosario, trough his progression from Newell’s Old Boys wonderkid, to being signed by Barcelona all in this first episode and then developing into a club legend and eventually leaving a mark that will likely never be wiped off while developing the most fierce rivalry in football on pair with Cristiano Ronaldo and finally his departure at 34, where most would retire he would take on the task of joining PSG. With months of dedication to the project, completed solely by myself, the owner of this channel.
I hope it paid off and that this will serve as a memorial for fans to rejoice over the memories brought to us by the greatest of all time.


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