Games That Have Received Their Own On Screen Adaptation

Games That Have Received Their Own On Screen Adaptation

Games That Have Received Their Own On Screen Adaptation
On Screen Adaptation

On Screen Adaptation. I was browsing through Reddit and I noticed a post talking about a new movie announcement. But this wasn’t an ordinary movie. It was an adaptation of one of my favorite video game series. Assassins Creed. I was over the moon. Ecstatic even. Fast forward to 2016 and all my hype was replaced with disappointment.

But despite the Assassin’s Creed movie not living up to my expectations, I was glad it got made. Because it helped push forward the trend of companies giving video games an on-screen adaption. Since then we have seen many adaptations grace our screens. And there are some more yet to come. So stick with us as we look at the games that have or will receive an on screen adaption.

League Of Legends

In the early days of LoL the story was vastly different to what it is today. But over the years Riot has changed a lot. And many would argue it’s for the better. Because thanks to all the narrative changes they made they were able to produce the show Arcane.

Arcane follows the characters Vi and Jinx as they slowly become the characters we know from the game. It features a slew of other LoL characters such as Jayce, Caitlyn, and Viktor, as well as letting us see the beautiful location of Piltover. The show was a smash hit and has already been renewed for a second season.

Apex Legends

Following on from the success of Arcane, other MOBA games are trying their hands at creating a TV show. There is currently an Apex Legends show in the works, although we know very little about it.

But the announcement has brought a lot of new players over to the game. Which has also boosted the number of people using premium apex legends hacks to stay competitive. Which we personally think is a great idea if you are more interested in exploring the wacky characters Apex has to offer rather than dealing with the high skill-ceiling.

Sonic The Hedgehog

The most famous hedgehog on the planet. Sonic is a household name and a fan favorite of millions of gamers across the globe. Sonic has had a number of successful screen adaptations over the years. Sonic Underground, which first aired in 1999. This series took a massive departure from the main Sonic narrative. Then we had Sonic X in 2003. This series followed the base Sonic lore a bit more, but added its own creative twists.

We then saw Sonic Boom come out in 2014. This series features the new character designs we saw in the game Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The show received mixed responses from fans. And in the last few years we have seen not one, but two live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movies. Both were released to great critical acclaim and we will be seeing a third movie released in the next few years.

The Super Mario Bros

No gaming character is as famous as the plumber in red. Mario is the undisputed face of gaming. So it’s no surprise that there have been a few screen adaptations over the years. But not all of them were winners.

The original Super Mario Bros live-action movie released in 1993 was a critical failure for the franchise. It departed too far from what made Mario so likable and instead presented a dark, uninspired adventure unworthy of the name Mario. But not every adaptation was such a failure.

Going back even further to 1989 we have the Super Mario Bros Super Show. An animated show released after Super Mario Bros 2. It was a fun-filled romp through the Mushroom Kingdom. The show featured a number of live-action segments and also spawned the popular Legend of Zelda animated series.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Trailer (2022) Ben Schwartz, Idris Elba, Jim Carrey via Game Awards




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