Velma Animated Series Trailer (2023) via Scooby Doo

Velma Animated Series Trailer (2023) via Scooby Doo

Velma Animated Series Trailer (2023) via Scooby Doo

Velma Animated Series Trailer (2023) via Scooby Doo
via Scooby Doo

VELMA Trailer (2023) Mindy Kaling, Ming-Na Wen, Constance Wu, Animated Series, Scooby-Doo
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Velma Animated Series to Debut on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their new animated series, Velma. This series follows the adventures of an intrepid pre-teen as she solves mysteries and navigates her way through life. The show is sure to capture the imaginations of children and adults alike with its vibrant animation and witty characters.

The series will be helmed by award-winning director, Andrea Arnold. Arnold is well known for her work on films such as American Honey and Fish Tank, which earned her the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize in 2009. Arnold’s unique vision will bring a fresh perspective to the beloved Scooby gang, while staying true to their classic charm.

The voice cast features actors such as Sarah Hyland (Modern Family), Jane Lynch (Glee), and Tony Hale (Veep).

The iconic character of Velma, who is one of the original members of the Mystery Inc. gang, is now getting her own animated series. In this new show, fans will be able to follow along as Velma solves mysteries and goes on exciting adventures.

The plot of the series will focus on Velma’s passion for detective work and her determination to solve any case that comes her way. The episodes will feature an array of interesting cases ranging from supernatural occurrences to everyday crimes that need solving. Along the way, Velma will be joined by some familiar faces from past Scooby-Doo shows such as Shaggy and Daphne as well as introducing some new characters into the mix.

Velma’s Animated Series promises viewers a thrilling ride full of mystery and suspense with plenty of laughs along the way.

About Scooby Doo

Scooby doo is a beloved character that has been entertaining generations of kids and adults since the 1970s. The lovable Great Dane and his human friends Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy have been solving mysteries, fighting monsters, and having fun adventures for decades. Scooby doo first appeared in the 1969 cartoon “Scooby Doo Where Are You?” which was created by Hanna Barbera Productions. Over the years, he has been featured in many different forms of media including television shows, films, comic books and video games.

The show’s popularity has grown so much that it has become a popular culture phenomenon with an iconic theme song that will be forever remembered. In addition to being a pop-culture icon, Scooby Doo also teaches children valuable lessons about teamwork while they explore their imaginations with him on his exciting adventures.



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