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We are proud to announce that AnimationsSA has rewarded graduates of The Animation School the 2012 GRAND PRIZE for “WING IT” in the Short Film category as the Best Short Film. “WING IT” also won Awards for Best Character Animation, Outstanding Technical Achievement, and Best Visual Execution.

This Short Film Animation Project has been created by 3rd year students of The Animation School to gain vital work experience.
They study more about scripting, on-set production which includes post production where such skills
as editing, sound recording, special effects creation and compositing are learned.
Credits at the end of this Animated Short Movie.
Special thanks to The Rooftop Recording Studio for the Original Score & Music Production.

ANIMATORS: Jeanelize de Nys, Shani Campbell, Shane Marks, Kelly Walker, Thea de Klerk, Barry de Jager.

CONTACT: [email protected]


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