Caddis Magic – AWARD WINNING Short Film – Fly Fishing’s Finest!

International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) Winning Feature Film 2022!!!

Every fly fishing outing is filled with bits and pieces of a mystery. You never know what you’ll catch, if the bugs will hatch, if the fish will react to the hatch the way you hope, and so on. These “unknowns” keep us dreaming of something incredibly special that exists only when all of these factors mesh together. And when they do, true magic happens. That’s what this story is about, a day of Caddis Magic.

From the IF4

“Congratulations to Capture Adventure Media, the talented work of Gilbert Rowley and crew, for winning top honors at this past year’s International Fly Fishing Film Festival! Audiences around the world voted for their top pick and nudged Caddis Magic into the top honors spot.”

Huge shout out to Phil Tuttle who was the primary camera operator and editor for this film His talents are second to none!

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