Climate Change Documentary 2021: Award Winning Short Film – EPQ Artefact A* (Official Full Marks)

This official Climate Change Short Documentary 2020 is an award winning student short film created for my EPQ artefact. This project received full marks (A* grade). This short documentary follows the youth climate strikes and how young people have reacted to the state of the earth. I interviewed leading climate scientists to uncover the facts about melting ice caps, CO2 emissions and out carbon footprint.

If you want more information on Climate Change here are some credible sources:

—————- FILMMAKING GEAR —————–
Tripod and Monopod
RODE Microphone
Box Lights
Mini LED Light

00:00 – 1 What is Happening to the Planet
01:10 – 2 Our Ice is Melting
01:40 – 3 Rise of Youth Climate Strikes
03:21 -4 Are we Making a Difference?
05:15 – 5 What is our Future like?
5:38 – 6 What Can We Do to Help?



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