“FINDING BEAUTY IN GARBAGE” An Award Winning Short Documentary|| Rumanthan || Chanimation Films ||

“FINDING BEAUTY IN GARBAGE” Short Documentary|| Rumanthan || Chanimation Films ||
Premieres Jan 1, 2019

Finding Beauty in Garbage is basically a satire on the menace of garbage pollution in general and in the city of Dibrugarh, known as the “Tea Capital” of India, in particular. The film not only mocks at the fragile civic amenities in the city, like lack of garbage bins or total apathy towards cleaning them by the municipality, but also shows the mirror to people’s nature of littering garbage all over, without a second thought. This “Mockumentary” thus, tries to sensitise citizens as also authorities towards better upkeep of the cleanliness of the city of Dibrugarh. It has received the Best Short documentary film award in Asia South East International Short Film Festival at Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The Film has also been selected for special screening for Short and Sweet Film festival Utah, USA, Ooty Film Festival and Bengals International Film festival.

Concept, Story and Direction: Satyakam Dutta

Editing and Cinematography: Chandan Jugal Kakoty

Camera: Chandan Jugal Kakoty, Partha Bhuyan and Satyakam Dutta

Background Music: Sumit Sagar

Rumanthan Team: Partha Bhuyan and Mayuraj Borah

Chanimation Films Team: Chandan Jugal Kakoty and Sumit Sagar

Drone: Ashkaran Roy

Sincere Thanks for Assistance:
Rajkumar Thakuria
Subir Kejriwal
Teachers and Students of Shree Agrasen Academy, Dibrugarh


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