Why do I hike | Award Winning Documentary 2020 (ENGLISH with Chinese, Greek and Czech subs) #hiking

Why do I hike 2: Hardships of a thru hike is in editing process. You can see the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXDSjd-9Z5I

Hi, my name is Nikola Horvat – Tesla and I present to you my first solo documentary.

In summer of 2019. I went to hike Colorado Trail to find the reasons why do I hike. This was independent project and the movie was filmed, edited and written by myself. It was challenging to carry all of video equipment in my backpack, but I had a vision and a goal – I wanted to capture my inner reasons why I do hike and why do I always go back to long distance hiking.

Why do I hike won 3 grand prix awards and it was once a finalist and official selection on various film festivals:
Croatian travel festival/Dijana Klaric award 2020: 1st prize
Mosor film festival: 1st prize
3FoK, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1st prize
Godollo film festival, Hungary: official selection
Kharkiv international festival of arts and travel, Ukraine: official selection
Lookout wild film festival, Tennessee, USA

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One more thing! I am from Croatia and I am inviting you to visit www.cldt.hr official Croatian Long Distance Trail web site. Croatia is one of the few counties in the world that has long distance hiking trail that traverses all along the country. Inspire yourself and hike CLDT!!!

Music by:
Charlie Ryan – Impavid underscore

00:00 Introduction
02:51 Nature
05:46 Time
10:15 Community
14:19 Mental Health
18:09 Final Chapter


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