Sherlock Holmes The Awakened – Start of the Famous Duo Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games ,

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, a Lovecraft-Sherlock crossover is coming to PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.

A continuation of the young Sherlock’s story, this is the first case Holmes and Watson undertake as a duo and focuses on how the two would be forever bonded the horror they encounter. Together they will investigate and try to thwart a nefarious cult that worships the ancient Eldritch God Cthulhu. The horrific events that Holmes and Watson encounter here lay the foundation for the iconic pair’s unbreakable bond, but also explain how Sherlock became such a damaged and flawed genius.

The game is a full remake and substantial rewrite of Frogwares’ 2006 release and is now being rebuilt, rewritten, and remade in Unreal Engine 4. New visuals, quests, stories lines and mechanics along with a full overhaul of the entire game.

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