Batman – Project Cadmus (The Death of Ace)

Wayne Innovation, in association with Sympatico, presents “Project Cadmus”. A fan film based loosely on Batman: The Animated Series canon in the ultimate universe.

A younger Bruce Wayne/Batman who has stepped down from crime-fighting due to the meta-human’s arrival now finds himself in a position to fight one more time as he knows he is the only one who can stop Gotham from being destroyed. During this journey, he deals with the one he intuitively despises, Amanda Waller. The feeling was mutual.

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Wayne Innovation –
Sympatico –

Written by: John J. Crawford III
Director, Photographer, and editors : Everett Glovier and Zach Myers
Producer: Brandon Lescure
Executive Producers: John J. Crawford III, Everett Glovier, Zach Myers
Original Score: Andrei Shulgach
Special Effects Coordinator: Adam Dobelbower
Special Makeup Effects Artist: Lydia McDevitt

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