9 TIPS FOR BEGINNER ARTISTS | Abstract Acrylic Painting Tutorial

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The painting was commissioned by my dearest client from NY

In this video beginners will get 9 useful tips, advanced artists will learn new abstract painting techniques on canvas and everyone will get inspiration and ideas as I believe that everyone is an artist and even if you don’t yet have a high level of relevant skills you can use painting as art therapy or meditation. In this acrylic painting tutorial, I will share with you my multilayered gradient technique where I use a palette knife and flat synthetic brushes. Also, you will learn how to make texture with gesso for abstract painting. And finally, in this painting demo, you will find how to smooth color gradients to get smooth color transitions.

00:00 Applying modeling paste
00:56 Applying acrylic paints
06:37 Close-up on the art piece

1. Start with the focal point. It will make the creation of your composition easier
2. Use the rule of thirds. Place the focal point off-center to make the composition more dynamic and interesting
3. Create the guiding lines to emphasize the focal point
4. Let the modeling paste dry completely. At least overnight
5. Wet the canvas to get smooth color transitions
6. Mix paints with unbleached white. It makes colors look less childish and more sophisticated
7. Use a very soft flat synthetic brush to smooth the gradient
8. Apply gilding wax to highlight the relief of the modeling paste
9. Make your signature a part of the composition in order not to ruin it

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