Aron Cohen

A Ride through the DCEU Action

**THIS IS A FAN MADE VIDEO** **BEST VIEWED WITH HEAD PHONES & IN HD** This is 100% inspired by the talented Gugga Leunnam and his “A Ride through the MCU Action” series. (Link to his channel below) I tried to keep a theme similar to his masterpieces. After seeing what …

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Supergirl Movie & Henry Cavill's Superman (DCEU NEWS)

Let’s talk about Henry Cavill as Superman and why it influences Live Action Supergirl! #Superman #DCEU #DCCOMICS Support the Channel on Patreon: 💘T-SHIRTS: 💘 ●SUBSCRIBE: ♥BIG THANK YOU TO THESE PATRONS♥: A big fan, Jerry Joe “Rawrist’s Chocolate Man” Room , I mean Doom Sometimes Lucid JustaGuy PuppetMaster1791 MrBuckstarz93 Dan …

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