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Here at EH Head Quarters we Adore Geek Tech !!

So in this Category we will give your first hand Views,Reviews,Videos & our Humble Opinions on some of the Latest  Tech stuff. Alot of the Products we Feature Here are forthcoming items not available In stores yet.

Some Tech Companies Products we may Feature Include :

Apple,Samsung,Sony,LG,Nintendo,Microsoft,Facebook,Amazon,IBM,Panasonic,Hewlett Packard Enterprise,

Google,Canon,Oracle,Alphabet,Intel,Cisco Systems,Sap,Accenture, Texas Instruments ,Baidu,Corning,Fujitsu ,Micron technology & many more.

Check out some of latest Geek Tech Products from around the Globe.Gadgets for Phones,Tablets,TV,Cars,Video Gaming & Home Deco.

See Awesome Tech stuff from Marvel,DC,Star Wars ,Video Games ,TV Shows,Movies & More.

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Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet Iron Man

Marvel Legends Electronic Helmet Iron Man This New Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet by Hasbro is due Dec 2016. Limited Preorders are available now. Whether Iron Man is protecting civilians or blasting across the world to fight for justice, he relies on fully loaded armor designed for heavy combat and …

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Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker

Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker AC Worldwide, a company known for creating outstanding, awesome bluetooth speakers – have you seen the C3PO and StormTrooper heads [so awesome!?] – has teamed up with 343 Businesses to create a line of Halo bluetooth speakers including Halo Master Chief Bluetooth Speaker. AC Worldwide …

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