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This video is all about Snapchat Spotlight – firstly, the huge opportunity to make money from posting content on Snapchat Spotlight, including examples of creators who have become millionaires from posting videos on Spotlight. However, then we’ll delve into the darker side of Spotlight – and the stolen content epidemic nobody is really talking about yet. Finally, we’ll ask what the rise of short-form content means for the future of content overall.

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⌛ Chapters:
00:00 Prologue
01:04 Chapter 1: $1,000,000 A Day
01:58 Chapter 2: All or Nothing
03:57 Chapter 3: Stolen Content
09:45 Chapter 4: The Future of Content
15:07 Final Chapter: Conclusion
19:11 Other Videos You May Enjoy

Snapchat are giving away millions of dollars, and people have been making many thousands of dollars from home for posting videos under 15 seconds long. Did you already know about this? Comment your thoughts on Snapchat spotlight below.


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