Star Wars Micro Machines Vehicles 3-Packs 2015 Wave 1 Assortment


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Build an entire fleet of starfighters that fit into the palm of your hand! Each assortment includes three vehicles to recreate key scenes from the Star Wars saga, ranging from all-new additions from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to classic ships. Packs come with three vehicles pertaining to an epic battle from the STAR WARS galaxy!, This assortment contains:, 2x B3501 The First Order Attacks (Episode VII), 2x B3502 Desert Invasion (Episode VII), 2x B3503 First Order TIE Fighter Attack (Episode VII), 1x B3504 Speeder Chase (Episode VII), 1x B3505 Endor Forest Battle (Episode VI), 1x B3506 Battle of Hoth (Episode V), 1x B3507 Imperial Pursuit (Episode IV), 1x B3508 The Inquisitor’s Hunt (Rebels), 1x B3509 Clone Army Raid (Episode II)

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