Stretch Armstrong Figure



Stretch Armstrong Figure


Stretch Armstrong

The original classic Stretch Armstrong is Back. Stretch him, pull him and tie him in knots. When you release him he will use his super strength to return to his original shape.Tie him in knots. Stretch will use his superpowers to return back to his original shape.


Stretch him up to 4 x his size.A Stretchable action figure like no other. Pull and stretch him unlimited times.Stretch Armstrong returns with his original styling including; his classic head sculpt with square jaw, blond locks, and wearing his body building trunks.


Stretch Armstrong figure is a large, gel-filled action figure first introduced in 1976 by Kenner. In 2016, at the New York Toy Fair, Hasbro announced the return of the Stretch Armstrong toy in its original 1976 design.


Stretch Armstrong is made of latex rubber filled with a proprietary gelled substance similar to corn syrup, which allows it to retain shape for a short time before shrinking to its original shape.


Stretch Armstrong is an action figure shaped as a short, muscular, man with blond hair wearing black trunks. The doll’s most notable feature was that it could be stretched from its original size of about 15 in (0.38 m) to 4 to 5 ft (1.2 to 1.5 m). If a tear did develop, it could be fixed with an adhesive bandage. Information on how to repair Stretch was provided in the toy’s instruction booklet that was originally inside his box.


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